Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy, busy and busy

Thursday meeting started with discussion on how to continue Maureen's one of her few projects, which she has to finish before this Christmas. Mauren and Ursula were discussing how to quilt borders of this a very colourful quilt.

Susan was inspired by Maureen's attempt to try free motion quilting and she put her BSR foot on her Bernina and was doing great job quilting cars on her quilt. If she did quilt by hand a baby who should be born next week will be five years old, when the quilt is ready. I think by trying to quilt with modern machine, she will be on time when a new baby arrives.

Look who was here last Thursday! Yes, Regina visited the Quilt Bar and kept hand quilting her a very first quilt! At the end of the day she helped me with my Portuguese homework. After her explenation I think my Portuguese jumped from zero to +A.
Cathy and Bette made their first steps to start a spiral quilt. They had six circles and was happy to carry one with it. It will be easy for them to carry on because they will be working together in one quilt.

We had a nice sunny day in mid-October and we lunched together outside instead of eating behind our sewing machines. A table was small but we had nice conversation!

This is Ursula with her double spiral quilt. She is making a very hard one and her creation is create! She entered a quilt competition in Austrian "Patchwork und Quiltjournal" with her loved cat quilt. It has been shortlisted! Well done!

This is Therese with her paper piercing work. It is almost ready to be quilted now.

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