Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photos from last meeting

On that sunny day we carried on working on our own projects for whole day.

Maureen started practicing free motion quilting on her Bernina with Ursula's help. It was natural for her and at the end of the day she already free motion on her quilt.

Maureen's a very caring teacher was standing just behind her to tell what to do and how to do.

I was inspired to start free motion quilting but my perfect Pfaff Creative 2.0 did not allow me to do much. I broke 5 needles and gave up. Unfortunately, I did not find much information on the Pfaff site or on my machine manual. Now, I have to visit shop to help me to resolve my problem.

We all carefully watched her how she would manage and she did perfect job but from time to time she had to stop and breath and carry on. She enjoyed tremendously! On the second half of the day she was quilting her work using free motion.

This is my spiral quilt joined together. Now I have to hunt for suitable fabric to continue. Previously, I did not know what I will do with this quilt now it is going to be DD1 bed cover and I need bright Moda fabric, particularly, Sss-Silly Africa bright orange colours.

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