Sunday, October 10, 2010

I wasn't there on Thursday

My ladies were alone last Thursday at the bar. The quilt bar lady was absent with her sick child at home and busy preparing her DHs birthday dinner. From time to time I checked them that they worked hard and enjoyed themselves. Sometimes I heard lots of laughter and sometimes the bar was quiet.

Susan came to work on her baby quilt. She was quilting and a gave her a little tip to make big stitches. I think my tip worked and she was unpicking her previous stitches. I am sorry!

Maureen wanted to probe to Angela that she almost finished her Bento box which started a year ago. She was complaining about two different colours of biege but for me they added some character to the quilt.

Therese was very busy at the corner with her papaer piercing project in order to finish for this Christmas. Now just couple of more to make.

This is Irene's little houses. She complained in the afternoon that she made only one and half houses. She'd better to finish the project soon because it is raining a lot in Portugal and we need a roof! Saturday night Quilt bar was flooded! How much rain water can hold this earth!

Irene used old X-rays to make patterns. She puts them with whitening in a bath and after a little while you will have great plactic to make your patterns. Fantastic tip! Thanks you Irene.

Ann worked on her spiral and now she has to do three row. She was delighted that now it is much faster to sew because it is bigger.

Bette started working on her spiral quilt to but during her sewing she has to call and check how was Cathy doing because she was sick and next day they have to fly to catch their cruise liner. Have fun!

Photos Irene and Javhlan, text Javhlan

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