Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Quilt Bar Wishes You Very Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Post Card Swap

After her return to Lisbon, Irene sent a photo of the postcard that Ronny made for her.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Irene and her elks

Irene is spending the Christmas time with her family in the Netherlands. I received beautiful photos of her new quilt!

This is so beautiful. Irene took the quilt to a High Tea, where a group of very talented quilters met and made a "show and tell" with their works. I received a lot of lovely photos of very amazing quilts that I would like to show in the more silent days after the holidays.
(My children from Germany came to visit for the holidays and keep me busy and happy.)

Irene also made a bag for her sister's birthday. Irene is a very busy lady. She is always silently working and working. It is amazing.
For the bag Irene used fabrics of Kaffe Fassett and put some embroideries.

I am quite sure that Irene also made this small bag, that she is showing here.

Text: Ursula
photos: Marry Top-van Es

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Post Card Swap

Garen sent a photo of the post card that Javhlan sent to her.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas In A Small Town

If in these days you have 5 min of time for a magic ride to childhood memories wrapped in beautiful music, click on this link:

Christmas in a Small Town by Ricky Tims

It is music of the wonderful quilter, Ricky Tims. I adore his works and just only love the music.


More post cards!

I took these photos from Angie's blog.

This is the card that Garen sent to Helen.

Here is the card that Angela received from Irene.

This is very obvious that the card was made by Irene!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Post Card Swap

Angela organised a post card swap in October. We did this among our former quilter-circle. Some of the ladies have returned again to their home-countries and it was a good idea to keep in close touch by making a patchwork/quilty/postcard.

It is exciting and lovely to receive a post card like this, it is a nice gesture and a wonderful greeting. I was very much excited when my post card arrived, that Birte had made for me. It has a special place now in my living room in the Christmas mail.

One by one, when they arrive, I will now show all the post cards that were made:
First mine of course! This Birte made for me. I love the colors and the fancy stitches that Birte used!

Ronny from Netherlands sent a photo to me. Helen made this card for Ronny.

Birte sent to me a photo of the post card that Jutta had made for her.

Today finally my post card arrived at Jutta's home. I had sent it on the long way from Portugal to North of Germany exactly two weeks ago. I sent it as card without any envelope. Maybe it was lucky that it arrived at all?

I am waiting now for more photos of cards to publish.

Text: Ursula
photos: Ursula, Ronny, Birte, Jutta

Jutta's Christmas projects

Jutta sent photos of her new projects. She made the Lone Star for her sister's birthday.

Very pretty! I am very sure, that the sister is going to love it.

And here are two photos of Jutta's new Christmas decorations:

It is good to see, that Jutta is finding time for some quilting again. After her move back to Germany, she had been very busy to set her new home. I wish to her, that all is now ready to have a relaxed good old German Christmas season, with Gl├╝hwein and many cookies.

Text: Ursula
Photos: Jutta

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Lunch

It was a sunny day in Caxias when we met for our Christmas lunch. We had tasted American, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, British, Indonesian, German, and Romanian ladies food. We had a good fiest!
Ann and Cinzia are preparing Christmas lunch table.

Arabella, Therese and Ursula

We had a small Christmas present exchange and everybody was happy with their presents. We did not buy anything but brought something that we found in the deepness of our cupboards.
Ann, Susan and Javhlan's daughter Tara. Susan was the first to choose her present.

Arabella with her little candle holder

I had a candle in the shape of a flower.

Irene is unwrapping her present.

Cinzia with her picture

Sally had a plate in light pink

Therese has also a candle holder.

Javhlan's daughters watched closely what Mummy was going to have. There were Champagne glasses with a Christmas decor, very nice!

Ann had a small wallet for jewelry or make up utensils or......

At the end there was one parcel left. (Javhlan with Maya, Garen, Ann and Susan.) It was the present for Arabella. We had all made one block for her.

It was also Arabella's last time that she could be with us. She is moving in two weeks to Spain. We wish to her all the BEST. It is sad to loose her in our group.

This is the first photo in public of Javhlan's Secret. Arabella, Irene and I stayed after the Christmas Party to help her a little bit to sew the binding. The project is awesome. She worked on this for about two years and kept it secret in all this time.

We are waiting to see it hanging on the wall in Javhlan's living room!

Text by Ursula
photos by Irene

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Secret will be revealed soon!

Yes, my two years of secret will be revealed soon. Couple of quilters have photos of my project but I always told them "No photos in the blog".

Today Quilt group ladies had Christmas lunch. We had great time exchanging presents and eating different types of food. Thank you ladies for cooking and baking for today.

After lunch Arabella, Irene and Ursula stayed and helped me to finish my a quite complicated project. Because of you ladies in couple of days I will be able to show photos of this highly secret project.

By Javhlan


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