Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ipad case No 1

Since last summer I wanted to make Ipad case.  Only last night I made my first Ipad case.  I have another one on my head to make and hopefully, I will make it soon. And another project has to me realised to - laptop case.

This is my mouse trap purse to tidy my computer mouse and earphones.  While taking the photo I realised that my mouse trap is very colour coordinated wity my mouse.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ann's Spiral quilt

Yesterday Portuguese celebrated 25 April's revolution or carnation revolution.  In 1974 on that day Portuguese Salazar regime was overthrown with a military and students help.  Salazar was on head of the state since 1933.  This morning I had my Portuguese lesson before quilting and I learnt more about the revolution.  With this day song called Depois de Adeus sung by Paulo Carvalho is very famous.  Very nice words. I have to admit a bit of Portuguese fado words are there.  Another song Grandola Vila Morena is famous too.

Anyway, a bit of history.  Compared to yesterday the weather was much better, no rain, no cold.  Ann brought her spiral quilt to sandwich.  Irene, her Dutch friend was here to help us to sandwich.  Now she has to start quilting.

Having two little girls makes me to try new crafts.  After two weeks of youtubing and buying books I managed to make this little amigurumi - a little cute crochet toy.  Amigurumi originated from Japan and they are soo kawaii. It looks like a pig but supposed to be a little chic.

I made more bags and still making new ones.  Last night I was until midnight in my little room trying to make a new bag. Unfortunately, all measurements went wrong and I have to start over again.  Photo of a new bag later but for now these ones.  Tried not to have shadows but could not manage.  I have to improve my photography skills - sooner or later.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter and Happy Patchwork Weekender Bag

My amazon basket was full of books for several months. Finally, I decided to start buying them and after a week they were at my post box. I liked Patchwork Weekender Bag from The Perfect Handmade Bag by Claire Youngs. Here is the finished bag. I had a bit of problem with measurements but it is done. This morning I went to my local shop to enlarge side triangles. On the pattern it said enlarge twice?! It was not really clear. However, with a shop assistant we managed to enlarge for 200% and it worked. Luckily, I took my last night's creation to measure. A photographer is my DD1, who is now six. She kept saying that I have a giant bag. She is right, it is my the biggest bag I ever made.

This is my last night's work. I went to bed at 1am, after hours of trying making decision how to arrange my fabrics. This afternoon I needed cut base of the bag again. The book measurements did not match with my bag.

This is decision making process. I liked this arrangement but did want to make this way last night. Maybe next time.

This is another try as well. Looked good but not perfect for my eyes.

This is you know and it is the final decision.

I am really sorry that my photos are blured. I think it was the bad lighting at my studio.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Bag making workshops in April

On April 7 from 3pm learn to make this beautiful bag with metal frame. It is chic and will be one ofthe best bags that you ever had!

A very roomy bag with pleats and will be one of the best to carry your books, ipads, laptops and many of your other important things.

For details contact me at threeoldempires(at)


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