Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cakes and coffees

Three of us met last Thursday with coffee and cakes. Ursula brought her first grandson's photo album. Soon a tiny men will be big and will demand even bigger quilt from grandmother. She was working on a little quilt all hand quiting. Irene continued working on her houses. It was funny that she said that she likes simple things, we did not agree.

Regina came with her Easter quilt.

I made for my DD1 little summer dress and her Barbie matching dress too. I never ever in my life thought that I will make a dress for Barbie. Anyway, I made two dresses for Barbie!

Last weekend Lisbon celebrated Santo Antonio's day. Lisbon was full of smell of grilled sardines. More info here

Monday, June 6, 2011

Free motion quilting with Jenny Bowker

Last Tuesday I went to Caldas da Rainha to learn about free motion quilting. I needed someone to teach me basics and there was a one-day course organised with a Bernina dealer, Mario Felizardo. A little project can be done in one day. Look carefully, a little pattern continued from the fabric with free motion.

Of course, I had my photo opportunity with a famous quilter, Jenny Bowker. She has been quilting for 15 years. She started quilting because of her diplomat husband was posted to the Middle Eastand could not continue her work as a scientist. Now she travels all over the world teaching, giving talks and attending quilts shows. During lunch she was telling us that she would have only four days in June at home in Australia. July was her happy month, she will be at home for two weeks.

This is her Australian landscape quilt. Lots of details and lots of free motion.

This is one of her many amazing quilts. First of all it is huge, as you can see from the photo. Great details!

It was my second time going to Bernina organised courses. Last year I went to see and do some work with Doris Teixeira, an amazing Brasilian artist. 31 May was Jenny Bowker's last of four days course in Portugal. After she was traveling to Holland, Germany and some other countries to continue her European tour! My thanks to Mario and Alda, who worked hard and gave me an exciting day with my sewing machine, fabrics and great time with Jenny.


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