Monday, November 30, 2009

Kimono girl

This summer I bought a book 100 Applique Motifs by Deborah "Ismoyo" Green. The book has really cute appliques, specifically, some Japanese kimono dolls. The author explains what kind of tools, materials to use to make different types of applique.

Although the book title says 100 appliques but it has 103 appliques. These appliques divided into shapes and sizes; natural collection; boys and girls come out to play, cute, cuddly and curious creatures; and all things good to eat and drink.

At the end of the book there is a chapter of ideas where to use an applique from the book.

My favourite selection is Japanese Kokeshi dolls. According to the author "Kokeshi dolls are also lucky charms" in Japan.

After long summer and autumn days I tried to decide which Kokeshi dolls applique to use for my daughters garment. Finally I decided to make Kimono girl applique for my daughter's skirt.
By Javhlan

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tiramisu and Christmas bauble

It was a tasty day on Thursday! Cinzia, who is Italian, brought homemade tiramisu. Unfortunately - or fortunately - at the Quilt Bar there were only Ursula and I to eat this mouth-watering Italian dessert. It was so delicious!

Another Christmas project was finished on Thursday at the Quilt Bar before we close for holiday season. Cinzia bought a different egg-shaped ball and managed to make a bauble at the end of the day. I taught her the basics but she figured out how to work with different-shaped ball. Here she is with the finished bauble.

Cinzia also made a smaller version of the Charm bag. This bag will be given to her niece. If you look carefully, you can see a little pink pompom to close the bag, which was her daughter's suggestion.

By Javhlan

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More bags!

Cinzia, our new member, finished her bag. When she came for the Quilt Camp on Friday she was making her third bag. She already made bags for herself, for her mother and the third one was for her mother-in-law.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Make Christmas Baubles

Come to the Quilt Bar on 26 November to make your very own Christmas Baubels. There is not much sewing involved but lots of cutting and pinning. I made these ones with cross stitched centres but you can make with pictures or patterns. This is our last class for this year.

By Javhlan

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bags! Bags! Bags! We love them!

Bags and shoes are girls' best friends! This Thursday the Quilt Bar was full of bags after Helen's lesson last week - and what a teacher, the results were stunning!

Susan, Ursula, Irene, Therese and Cinzia posed for the group photo, below. I did not ask them to line up from taller to shorter! I personally like Susan's bag because she used Japanese fabrics, my favourite. Therese and Cinzia hadn't finished their bags, so they went straight back to work after this photo.

The day was a book exchange day, so some ladies brought their books and magazines in different languages. When you are passionate about patchwork you do not have to be able to read the words. My knitting magazines were quite popular, as well. I found that Susan and Ursula both knit. I used to knit many things but now I find it difficult to share my knitting among my other new hobbies.

Irene, Susan and Ursula looked through books to find more ideas for their future works.

Ursula was inspired by Jenny Bowker's workshop of making kaleidoscope quilt and she is making a quilt with tiger.

Cathy and Bette showed us the beautiful Christmas tree centrepiece that they are making.

Cinzia was working so hard that she forgot her coffee and cake.

Cathy, Bette and Regina did not attend last week's bag-making class because they went to Spain for a holiday. On Thursday they were catching up with the rest of the ladies to make their very special own bags; here is the fabric.

Cathy's bag

Bette's Floridian colours.

Regina decided to bring a small sewing machine so that she can work much faster. Usually, she would be hand stitching her quilts quietly in the corner. Her bag is going to be in blue colours.

And I finish this blog on a particularly happy note - Ines Touzet, the owner of the "Patch-Mania" fabric shop in Oeiras, is now offering 10% discount for the Quilt Bar regulars!

Galerias Alto da Barra, loja 119
Av. das Descobertas
2780-053 OEIRAS

Telefone: +351 210 967 359

Photos by Irene van Es and Javhlan Byamba

Posted by Javhlan

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birte's Christmas cushions

Birte was busy again!! She had the plan to make a table runner for the Christmas season. But somehow she was not happy with it and made these three cushions for her sofa. This looks very cosy and inviting to sit down there for a tea and a chat!!!!!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hand Dye Workshop

We dyed fabric in Garen's garden.

Lucky that in Porutgal the weather is still good enough in November, to dye fabric in the garden. Even I tried to be careful and not splash around, there were some color spots on the tiles. Thank God this did not happen in the house on carpets or floor.
Sorry Garen.

The colors look very nice already. I wanted to obtain muted colors. So Garen added black to the yellow and we used dark blue. The effect is stunning. I love my colors!

See the colors now washed and ironed. I adore them!

These are Garen's dyed fabrics in clear and bright colors. They are beautiful!

What beautiful quilts they will make! What a fun to work with these bright fabrics!

For more information you are welcome to contact Garen. We are happy to forward your requests!

text by Ursula
photos by Garen and Ursula

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The Quilt Bar was full today for Helen's class of making a Charm Bag. With the good support of Javhlan's brownies and Ann's cheese cake, we all worked very well on our bags. It was not much space, and we had to move together. The crowd of ladies did not bother Javhlan's dog at all and he was in between all the time. Helen was a very patient teacher, and we all kept her busy with permanent asking for support in different stages of our work.

Everybody is getting ready for the work.

Therese finished her Christmas Tree Centrepiece. She is very busy with all the projects that she is finishing and doing. I forgot to ask, if she keeps this one for herself this time.

Javhlan had to take care of her two daughters today and could not take part in the fun.

Helen and Javhlan.

Some of the ladies worked ahead already a little bit. It seems they could not resist to the directions, that Helen sent to us last night. We others were busy to lay our squares into order and try to sew them together in a pleasing way.

Sally, Irene, Anne-Marie and Helen

Susan was very busy working on her bag in charming reds and blacks with oriental patterns.

Cinzia was today for the first time with us. I hope that she liked what she was doing.

Rosalia (Bluelady) and Irene are working on the pattern.

Therese with bright and "sexy" colours for her bag.

Irene took this photo and thanks to the mirrors in the backside on the wall, we can see more of the ladies.
Irene's bag. She chose the fabrics carefully and had some extra care with the quilting. This bag will be very pretty and without doubt it has Irene's character.

Arabella was the first to finish her bag. She had to hurry to pick up her children, young mothers are always running.

It was a good day in the Quilt Bar and we all had fun. It was a different project and a good idea. Thank you Helen and Javhlan.

Text by Ursula
Photos from Irene, Javhlan, Ursula

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

29º Festival Nacional de Gastronomia Santarém

Today I spent a very nice day at the 29º Festival Nacional de Gastronomia in Santarém. I had the plan to go there since two years. And today finally I managed to go. At the festival all regions of Portugal present their wines and foods, their big variety of cheeses and presuntos, chouriços and all the lovely sweets. The festival presents tradition and modernity. One can visit a restaurant from Açores or Ribatejo, Minho if one prefers. I was happy to look and to eat. I was happy to try some wine (not so much as I was with the car!). And of course that I took with me some of the nice sweet cakes, that are at the moment still resting in the fridge.
The festival goes only until 8th of November, and it was worth the visit.

Here it is clear to see that I was one of the first persons that came in at the opening time. Later on this became very crowded!

This lady from Açores showed her hand craft and art works. Patchwork in very bright and lively colours and beautiful embroideries.

Pataniscas de bacalhau with vinho verde tinto. Delicious!

In the afternoon there started to be a crowd at the stores for the pastries and sweet goodies.
Everything is very good and has no calories at all!!!! (Or ?)

by Ursula

Birte's Lone Star

Birte from Germany sent a photo of her latest work. She is a very busy lady! Birte finished the quilt just in time, before she begins to work with Käthe Wohlfahrt at a German Christmas market. I envy her a little bit!! Good luck Birte. Enjoy the cold weather of a German November and December..................

by Ursula


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