Monday, November 30, 2009

Kimono girl

This summer I bought a book 100 Applique Motifs by Deborah "Ismoyo" Green. The book has really cute appliques, specifically, some Japanese kimono dolls. The author explains what kind of tools, materials to use to make different types of applique.

Although the book title says 100 appliques but it has 103 appliques. These appliques divided into shapes and sizes; natural collection; boys and girls come out to play, cute, cuddly and curious creatures; and all things good to eat and drink.

At the end of the book there is a chapter of ideas where to use an applique from the book.

My favourite selection is Japanese Kokeshi dolls. According to the author "Kokeshi dolls are also lucky charms" in Japan.

After long summer and autumn days I tried to decide which Kokeshi dolls applique to use for my daughters garment. Finally I decided to make Kimono girl applique for my daughter's skirt.
By Javhlan

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  1. That is very cute Jackie, very cute indeed.... funny thing though... I am sure I have seen the dress fabric before... hmmmmm, haven't you run out of it yet?? he he he.



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