Thursday, November 5, 2009


The Quilt Bar was full today for Helen's class of making a Charm Bag. With the good support of Javhlan's brownies and Ann's cheese cake, we all worked very well on our bags. It was not much space, and we had to move together. The crowd of ladies did not bother Javhlan's dog at all and he was in between all the time. Helen was a very patient teacher, and we all kept her busy with permanent asking for support in different stages of our work.

Everybody is getting ready for the work.

Therese finished her Christmas Tree Centrepiece. She is very busy with all the projects that she is finishing and doing. I forgot to ask, if she keeps this one for herself this time.

Javhlan had to take care of her two daughters today and could not take part in the fun.

Helen and Javhlan.

Some of the ladies worked ahead already a little bit. It seems they could not resist to the directions, that Helen sent to us last night. We others were busy to lay our squares into order and try to sew them together in a pleasing way.

Sally, Irene, Anne-Marie and Helen

Susan was very busy working on her bag in charming reds and blacks with oriental patterns.

Cinzia was today for the first time with us. I hope that she liked what she was doing.

Rosalia (Bluelady) and Irene are working on the pattern.

Therese with bright and "sexy" colours for her bag.

Irene took this photo and thanks to the mirrors in the backside on the wall, we can see more of the ladies.
Irene's bag. She chose the fabrics carefully and had some extra care with the quilting. This bag will be very pretty and without doubt it has Irene's character.

Arabella was the first to finish her bag. She had to hurry to pick up her children, young mothers are always running.

It was a good day in the Quilt Bar and we all had fun. It was a different project and a good idea. Thank you Helen and Javhlan.

Text by Ursula
Photos from Irene, Javhlan, Ursula

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  1. It looks like loads of fun!!! The bags look fabulous! Great photos, wish I could have been there with you.... bjs



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