Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Nappy Bag

While my sister was here this summer we started a new project for her baby boy, to carry his nappies, spare clothes and extra things just in case. She designed the bag and used my new machine's fancy stitches and I did finishing touches.

To be honest, during summer months' I made for my nephew a patchwork teddy, a hippo and did last stitches of his bag. He received a lot attention and presents during his stay in Portugal. Now his back to Italy, where he lives and I have an idea to make him for his first or second birthday, you never know, patchwork teddy quilt.By Javhlan

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anneliese's huge Friendship-Quilt

Anneliese finished the very large Bargello quilt! It is a king size quilt for a double bed. She worked on this quilt since February of this year. In between she helped on the big charity-project that the quilters accomplished.

Then she traveled few times to Germany and also organized her move to Flensburg in Germany, that will take place in these coming days.

The quilt has very harmonic colours in red and is verified with her friends' taste. The friends are a VERY LUCKY couple that will recieve this quilt as a present to their 25th wedding anniversary. WOW!

This is a very special present! I am very sure that they will love the quilt and honour it.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

some confusion

I had this pattern in my mind, since Angela showed me the book by Louisa L. Smith "Strips 'n Curves" in February of this year. It is a book full of wonderful designs that brings together colours and lines with curves in a very beautiful way. For me this is enthralling and exciting. The patterns give a very difficult impression! And I had to try it. I let the work I had begun and little by little I started cutting my strips and only tested if they would go together in curves as the book had promised to me.

This is now the centre of my first attempt-quilt. I like it. I enjoyed doing it as this work is very obsessive and big fun!

It was difficult to take the photo in the garden as the Portuguese wind did not want to stop blowing and I wanted the photo to be taken outside!!

This is the book I am talking about!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy flower quilts

Irene escaped from hot Portuguese summer weather and visiting her sister in the Netherlands. Her sister Marry send us an email about their work. Both sisters love shopping together and making crafts and quilting together. JB
Irene asked me to send you some pictures of our project that we are very busy with.
Yesterday we spent all day and evening to trace
the flowers on fusible webbing and then iron it on the fabric, all scraps
from me, after that cutting all the shapes out and iron it on the background
fabric. It was a lot of work, this morning we finished the blocks (15) and
now we can start embroider the shapes with a blanket stitch (by hand!!!!)
and after that we have to make 9-patch blocks as you can see on the picture
of the pattern. That we will do by machine of course. So this is just to let
you know that Irene is still busy here.

We send more pictures later.
By the way, her blocks are with the lighter background. The others are mine.

Happy quilting greetings,
Marry Top-van Es

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

15th Annual European Patchwork Show

Each September, Alsace (the region of France that borders Germany) becomes a focal point for thousands of quilters from all over Europe. For four days, quilters feast their eyes on 800 textiles from five continents at the Annual European Patchwork Meeting, held in Sainte Marie aux Mines, France. An exhibit of Amish quilts is part of the huge array of traditional and contemporary work. (The Amish movement was founded in Sainte Marie aux Mines in 1693.)

The show, which takes place this year from September 17-20, 2009, spreads over 14 venues in four small towns, and is one of the most famous quilt shows in Europe. This year, other exhibits of interest include textiles and garments from the Miao culture in China, hand-embroidered handkerchiefs created by the Hazara women of Afghanistan, and 15 quilts from the Gee's Bend quilters. To learn more about this quilt event, click here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I love watching the film Madagascar. If you remember, the main characters are Marty the zebra, Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, and Gloria the hippo. Gloria is the only girl in that film but she is the boss of four friends. They like and listen to her but Melman loves her (Madagascar 2).

Some time ago Irene brought me a magazine Bonecos de Encantar em tecido ("Charming Dolls, in cloth") , a special edition of Arte Ideias, May 2009 issue. The magazine had patterns for making a turtle, a rabbit, a snail, an owl, a hippo, a teddy etc.

When I look at my sleeping 6-month-old nephew, he just reminds me of Gloria the hippo. So I made for him a little hippo doll (a boy), it is so soft, like a cushion. The pattern had only 4 parts and it was very easy to make.

I hope you agree the result is cute:

Posted by Javhlan


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