Saturday, August 22, 2009

some confusion

I had this pattern in my mind, since Angela showed me the book by Louisa L. Smith "Strips 'n Curves" in February of this year. It is a book full of wonderful designs that brings together colours and lines with curves in a very beautiful way. For me this is enthralling and exciting. The patterns give a very difficult impression! And I had to try it. I let the work I had begun and little by little I started cutting my strips and only tested if they would go together in curves as the book had promised to me.

This is now the centre of my first attempt-quilt. I like it. I enjoyed doing it as this work is very obsessive and big fun!

It was difficult to take the photo in the garden as the Portuguese wind did not want to stop blowing and I wanted the photo to be taken outside!!

This is the book I am talking about!



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