Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cinzia's painting and applique

Cinzia is one of our talented person in the group. She does painting on T-shirts and sweatshirts. A Spider Man for Afonso below.

A little and cute Minnie is waving to you.

This applique Cinzia started last Thursday.

And here is the finished product.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Football for South Africa

In my favourite fashion magazine "Burda Style", I found an invitation to join in to campaign to make a football for "South Africa". The magazine is having this charity performance due to the Football World Cup Championship in South Africa in this year's summer. I am not a big football fan and I never before thought of sewing a ball!

But I liked the idea, that Hubert Burda Media is going to donate 10 euros for every ball that is arriving in the publishing house in Munich to the foundation of Christian Liebig (Christian-Liebig-Stifung). So I thought by myself, it would be nice to have part in the set up that they want to make of all the balls, that they hope will arrive from 90 countries, where Burda Style is published. At least one ball from Portugal is there now also.

Above all, one lucky sender of one football can win one Pfaff Coverlock 3.0 mashine.

So I made my ball, and to my surprise I found it so much fun to sew this! It was really a most pleasing and " to have fun-project", so I made two balls. One to take part in the project of Burda Style and the other one for my daughter's godson.

This one is for Burda, the fabrics are from Buttinette. The combination of stone and grass is maybe a little bit odd, but also I like the way of Nature that it is always succeeding to find a way to surface in men-built objects (such as my driveway,............ this looks the same).

For the ball for Paul Matthias I used my hand dyed fabrics. I wanted it to be with colours but also to follow a certain pattern. For this I had to use some brainstorming and I had to buy a cheap plastic ball
to see how the colours would come.

This is the sewing pattern. (Burda Style 04/2010)

Somehow this is clear that it is going to be a ball, isn't it??

Text and photos Ursula

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birte's new Quilt

Birte sent a photo of her new quilt. This time she chose Biblical motive blocks. She said that she had some problems to fit the blocks together and is now happy that the quilt is finished.

photo: Birte

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ann's work

Ann's Australian story will not finish for a while. From previous posts you have seen that she brought fabrics, buttons and books from there. Below photos are showing what she made to take to Australia. She made for her daughter a paper pierced table centre and a patchwork bag.

This quilt's photo was taken by Ann in Canberra museum.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Craft bloggers

My name’s Jenny Fox-Proverbs, and I’m a crafty fox 24/7, at work and at home.

By day I’m an Acquisitions Editor for David & Charles Publishers, based in lovely Devon (I’m originally from Greenock, a town a few miles NW of the amazing city of Glasgow). I find craft authors, follow craft trends, propose ideas and get out and about, all in the name of creating fab craft books that sell around the world.

By night, I love to sew – I’m a huge fabric lover, and have a fabric stash that grows faster than I can cut it up and stitch it back together.

When I’m not acquiring and sewing, I can be found hanging out with Mr Fox, spoiling my two 10 year-old moggies (Tab and ‘The Bear’ – I’ve had them since they were tiny kittens), attempting to practise yoga, reading (I love murder ‘n’ mayhem thrillers, much to Mr Fox’s consternation) and generally yakking/tweeting/blogging/facebooking with friends and family.

I’m interested in hearing from fellow crafters and anyone involved in the business on any level. It’s such an exciting place to be, but needs crafters to keep communicating with each other and the rest of the world. Hopefully the mass production of the past 50 years or so will be a tiny blip on a much bigger picture, and we’re getting back on track with handmade.

So that’s me – a Scots girl in Devon looking to share, exchange and explore ideas and thoughts about love, life, craft and the universe!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My daughters bags for creche

Last week I has been quite busy making for my DDs bags to put their changing clothes at their creche. For this I used my a very sophisticated (at least for me) computerized machine the first time in its full potential.

I had the machine for nine months and I used most of the time for sewing and used emroidery attachment only to write someone's name. This time I used embroidery patterns and changed many threads. The result was wonderful and I was happy and girls were excited.

A little bear hanging from from washing rope is for the DD2.

Two hugging bears for DD1.

Now they are posing with their bags.

Photos and text Javhlan

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Japanese Sashiko Stitching

Sashiko stitching has been for four centuries and it was used to reinforce kimono fabrics. Now it became so popular as decorative stitches for its relaxing therapy. For Thursday I prepared sakura - cherry flower pattern from Susan Briscoe's Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match book.

I think this is the best time to teach this pattern because now in Japan sakura is blossoming. Many Japanese would go to parks to sit under cherry trees and have their picnics or just enjoy life.

But before Cinzia showed us her new pillow case and notebook cover.

Ursula finished her a piece of art and gave us a little tip how to make this kind of quilt.

This is Ursula's sakura flower. She used her sewing machine.

This is Susan's hand stitched flower. She really pleased with the result but she kept saying that she has to work on corners.

We had a guest from Italy. She is Cinzia's mother visiting her family during Easter. Sorry, I have forgotten to ask her name.

Photos and text Javhlan

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birthday and birthday giveaway

My DD 1 had her birthday recently. She is now four. On her birthday I made a chocolate mousse cake. As you can see on the photo she is sitting in front of the cake wearing a crown. Teachers and children are singing Parabens!

After the birthday cake children received presents. I made for boys tiny Teds with boys initials with red and green scarfs and football buttons sewn on them.

Girls received little bags with their initials too.

This is my DD 1 bag with her initial letter. Letters I chosen from the word fonts and printed in desired size and stitched with zigzag stitch. This is a very efficient method if you do not have embroidery model in your sewing machine.

Photos and text by Javhlan

Friday, April 2, 2010

Buttons at Arco Iris Metro

If you remember from earlier post that Ann bought these gorgeous buttons in Australia. Now Arco Iris Metro is selling them. I think they were seven euros per box if I am not mistaken. Soon they will have full collection of buttons.


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