Friday, February 26, 2010

Making stylish boxes

Yesterday quilting ladies gathered to make boxes. But before to start their hard work they have to eat my birthday cheesecake. When I visited in December to England my mother-in-law made raspberry cheesecake. It was delicious and its well known Delia's recipe.

We started with a little square boxes because it is easy for beginners. Three Bernina sewing machines are already on the table.

Irene decided not to make a box and carried on working on her own project. She is already using her sewing kit.

From right: Ann, Therese, Ursula and Cinzia's boxes. After traveling around Australia for two months Ann bought many Australian fabrics. She used two of those fabrics to make box with aboriginal motifs.

Text and photo by Javhlan

Monday, February 22, 2010

Birte's new Bargello

Birte left Portugal some time ago, but she still feels attached to our quilt group. This is very good to know, that you keep friends through quilting for long times.
She was very busy again and sent a photo of her new bargello quilt. The quilt is made in Birte's favourite colours. The lines of this pattern are very exciting.
A very beautiful quilt again.

posted by Ursula
photo from Birte

Ursula's crazy project

Angela's myth is still alive in Portugal although she left Portugal more than six months ago. She persuaded Ursula to try to make crazy quilt. After some months of thinking Ursula decided to make it. Here is the crazy idea put into beautiful bolster.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fabric box

My craft library expands almost every day but not much is made due to little children. Finally, I am forced to use my books to teach my quilting ladies.

One of the books that I bought a while ago is Linda Johansen's Fabric Boxes. 8 Great Desings - Unlimited Possibilities. This morning while my little girl was assembling and reassemling legos and hiding them under the never used fire place I made a little bear box for my older daughter. The first attempt was not that bad but I have to improve my edges.

Posted by Javhlan

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewing kit

Ursula showed us how to make a sewing kit from Japanese quilt book and some ladies have finished making them.

Ursula, Cinzia and Therese's sewing kit.

Ursula's kit

Cinzia' kit

Therese's kit

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Origami and quilting

Tomorrow Japanese paper folding art - origami and American quilting will merged together. I think two traditional arts are quite popular by themselves. I do not know how longs they have been combined and making such term quiltagami. I got the flower pattern internet

However, I made this little thing that could be cushion or bag or wall hanging to teach tomorrow quilting class.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Irene's sewing kit

Recently Irene finished her sewing kit. She chose very appropriate fabric with patterns.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sewing kit from Japanese book

Last Thursday Ursula, Irene, Therese, Cinzia and I met to make sewing kit from a Japanese book. As a Thursday morning rule we do show our work to each other. This time Irene showed her sister's present for her birthday. Her sister is very talented as Irene and makes adorable things.

Irene made this little Christmas tree.

This is Irene's present too.

Despite walking with clutches Cinzia has been busy making her first quilted items.

Two weeks ago Ursula saw Irene's book on making small items decided teach others to make a sewing kit. Ironically, the book was in Japanese but she managed to learn Japanese in two weeks! Ladies started making sewing kits armed with their Berninas and Pfaff.

Below Cinzia's sewing kit. First time she learnt how to make a paper piercing. The heart had to be paper pierced.

Irene was working very fast and inside and outside of the sewing kit almost ready. Irene's Pfaff had many fancy stitches and you can see the result.

Therese choose green fabric and was using her Bernina's fancy stitches too. But she has to go to do her Portuguese homework before starting making a heart. Her Portuguese is perfect but she thinks that there is room for improvement.

Photo and text by Javhlan


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