Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spiral quilt

When I returned from England just after Christmas I saw a huge Christmas tree at the Lisbon airport. A busy traveller was texting on his mobile just under the tree.

The Portuguese capital, usually during Christmas time has plenty of decorations but this year Lisbon and other cities decided not to put much decorations. However, my family managed to go at Lisbon centre to see decorations and take photos. This was in the square at Restauradores.
I do like to take photos of Sao Jorge castle from the Santa Justa elevador.

Christmas and New Year's celebrations are finished for another year. Lunar New Year celebration will start at the beginning of February in Asia. Anyway, back to quilting.
Last Thursday was our first meeting of the New Year. Cinzia and Ann came to share their holiday news and work. Cinzia went to Italy, her home country, in their family car. While her husband was driving she did her arroiolos, Portuguese carpet. It took her two days to drive from Portugal to Italy and she did lot of work in that time.

Ann finished her spiral quilt and have to make an important decision which fabric to use to continue.
Here is my fabric shopping in Tunbridge Wells, England, unfortunately, I did not do other shopping. Good for my husband's wallet. I do like collecting fabric with Japanese prints and there were several in a shop but I bought only two types. I loved this Matreoshka print and made a little purse with a metal frame. I will teach this purse at Ines' shop in February. Check her schedule for the next month.

The red fabric I bought to finish my spiral quilt. I wanted different fabric but the shop did not have what I was looking for.


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