Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Quilt Blocks

If you know who came this Thursday you can just look at below quilt calendarn and try to guess. A printing companies make calendars for all sorts of areas of human interests. Here is the one for quilters. Looking at these images Irene's birthday really matched her work interest.

Regina brought her wedding present. This is the bedsheet embroidery with her and her husband's initials, all handmade with nuns using silk threads. The work was perfect, even better than machine embroidery. A piece of art, which could be in a museum.

Now she is standing with her night dress, hand sewn. Again perfect work, like machine work.

Ursula enjoying her late morning coffee with her tiny doll. She finished binding her baby quilt.
Happy Susan with her bag wallhanging. It will be send to far-far-away land to her friend.

Inspired by her bags Susan started another little quilt with shoes and bags. Shoes were paper-pierced and she made bags smaller.

We had a new keen learner. Fatima came to make a cushion. This is her ver first patchwork cushion and at the end of the meeting she made two. Sewing was in her blood, her mother used to sew clothes for living, even bridal dresses.

I forgotten to take Irene's work. She was there yesterday, handstitching her quilt.
My work not always here because I do concentrate more about other members work. While teaching Fatima to make cushion I sewed binding for my bag wallhanging.

Monday, March 7, 2011

More birthday presents

These are my birthday presents. Dutch Irene's presents were very appropriate that I straight put my needles in a very cute needle holder. It was easy with Ursula's chocolate, we ate them all straight away. Yummy! But I will decide later what I will make with golden coin fabric.
Ladies were very colour coordinated with my bright blue cushions. They are having coffee, cakes and chocolate.

Irene brought her make it row quilt. She is making with Helen in Arco-Iris.

Some of her quilters were very creative. Here is the row with button flowers.

Here is someone painted chickens.

Regina worked hard and did washing up as too. Thank you, Regina.

Irene was busy with her small, no tiny projects.

Ursula brought her bag wallhanging to show us.

This is the back of the wallhanging with her name written. Mine is still not yet finished.

She made for her friend notebook cover with her friend's design.

I cannot remember what I did last Thursday. I definetely, remember eating chocolates. Still eating... Different ones.


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