Monday, March 7, 2011

More birthday presents

These are my birthday presents. Dutch Irene's presents were very appropriate that I straight put my needles in a very cute needle holder. It was easy with Ursula's chocolate, we ate them all straight away. Yummy! But I will decide later what I will make with golden coin fabric.
Ladies were very colour coordinated with my bright blue cushions. They are having coffee, cakes and chocolate.

Irene brought her make it row quilt. She is making with Helen in Arco-Iris.

Some of her quilters were very creative. Here is the row with button flowers.

Here is someone painted chickens.

Regina worked hard and did washing up as too. Thank you, Regina.

Irene was busy with her small, no tiny projects.

Ursula brought her bag wallhanging to show us.

This is the back of the wallhanging with her name written. Mine is still not yet finished.

She made for her friend notebook cover with her friend's design.

I cannot remember what I did last Thursday. I definetely, remember eating chocolates. Still eating... Different ones.



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