Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Surprise! Surprise!

Look who came to the meeting on last Thursday! After long winter months staying at home Regina, finally got out of the house and visited us. She was blossoming like plum trees. This is the time where you can see tiny white flowers in plum trees. Thank you Ursula for bringing her. Ann, Regina and Ursula are sitting in front of my kimono quilt. Sorry, have to mention my quilt.

Ursula was talking and picking threads from her finished wall hanging. She was very happy that this project was so quick and easy. Tah tah and finished!

I worked with Ann on her spiral quilt. We managed to put together some corners of the quilt. I was a little bit to put off to continue working with my spiral quilt because of complications. Never mind, one day I will have inspiration to continue until then the quilt has to wait.

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  1. Spring Blossom indeed... Regina looks wonderful, as do Ann and Ursula... I bet you do to Jackie (love your quilt, mention it as many times as you like... how about a full view picture?!!! Thanks so much for posting these pictures, it's lovely to see you all. Bjs



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