Wednesday, November 4, 2009

29º Festival Nacional de Gastronomia Santarém

Today I spent a very nice day at the 29º Festival Nacional de Gastronomia in Santarém. I had the plan to go there since two years. And today finally I managed to go. At the festival all regions of Portugal present their wines and foods, their big variety of cheeses and presuntos, chouriços and all the lovely sweets. The festival presents tradition and modernity. One can visit a restaurant from Açores or Ribatejo, Minho if one prefers. I was happy to look and to eat. I was happy to try some wine (not so much as I was with the car!). And of course that I took with me some of the nice sweet cakes, that are at the moment still resting in the fridge.
The festival goes only until 8th of November, and it was worth the visit.

Here it is clear to see that I was one of the first persons that came in at the opening time. Later on this became very crowded!

This lady from Açores showed her hand craft and art works. Patchwork in very bright and lively colours and beautiful embroideries.

Pataniscas de bacalhau with vinho verde tinto. Delicious!

In the afternoon there started to be a crowd at the stores for the pastries and sweet goodies.
Everything is very good and has no calories at all!!!! (Or ?)

by Ursula

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