Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bags! Bags! Bags! We love them!

Bags and shoes are girls' best friends! This Thursday the Quilt Bar was full of bags after Helen's lesson last week - and what a teacher, the results were stunning!

Susan, Ursula, Irene, Therese and Cinzia posed for the group photo, below. I did not ask them to line up from taller to shorter! I personally like Susan's bag because she used Japanese fabrics, my favourite. Therese and Cinzia hadn't finished their bags, so they went straight back to work after this photo.

The day was a book exchange day, so some ladies brought their books and magazines in different languages. When you are passionate about patchwork you do not have to be able to read the words. My knitting magazines were quite popular, as well. I found that Susan and Ursula both knit. I used to knit many things but now I find it difficult to share my knitting among my other new hobbies.

Irene, Susan and Ursula looked through books to find more ideas for their future works.

Ursula was inspired by Jenny Bowker's workshop of making kaleidoscope quilt and she is making a quilt with tiger.

Cathy and Bette showed us the beautiful Christmas tree centrepiece that they are making.

Cinzia was working so hard that she forgot her coffee and cake.

Cathy, Bette and Regina did not attend last week's bag-making class because they went to Spain for a holiday. On Thursday they were catching up with the rest of the ladies to make their very special own bags; here is the fabric.

Cathy's bag

Bette's Floridian colours.

Regina decided to bring a small sewing machine so that she can work much faster. Usually, she would be hand stitching her quilts quietly in the corner. Her bag is going to be in blue colours.

And I finish this blog on a particularly happy note - Ines Touzet, the owner of the "Patch-Mania" fabric shop in Oeiras, is now offering 10% discount for the Quilt Bar regulars!

Galerias Alto da Barra, loja 119
Av. das Descobertas
2780-053 OEIRAS

Telefone: +351 210 967 359

Photos by Irene van Es and Javhlan Byamba

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