Friday, December 11, 2009

Post Card Swap

Angela organised a post card swap in October. We did this among our former quilter-circle. Some of the ladies have returned again to their home-countries and it was a good idea to keep in close touch by making a patchwork/quilty/postcard.

It is exciting and lovely to receive a post card like this, it is a nice gesture and a wonderful greeting. I was very much excited when my post card arrived, that Birte had made for me. It has a special place now in my living room in the Christmas mail.

One by one, when they arrive, I will now show all the post cards that were made:
First mine of course! This Birte made for me. I love the colors and the fancy stitches that Birte used!

Ronny from Netherlands sent a photo to me. Helen made this card for Ronny.

Birte sent to me a photo of the post card that Jutta had made for her.

Today finally my post card arrived at Jutta's home. I had sent it on the long way from Portugal to North of Germany exactly two weeks ago. I sent it as card without any envelope. Maybe it was lucky that it arrived at all?

I am waiting now for more photos of cards to publish.

Text: Ursula
photos: Ursula, Ronny, Birte, Jutta

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