Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Lunch

It was a sunny day in Caxias when we met for our Christmas lunch. We had tasted American, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, British, Indonesian, German, and Romanian ladies food. We had a good fiest!
Ann and Cinzia are preparing Christmas lunch table.

Arabella, Therese and Ursula

We had a small Christmas present exchange and everybody was happy with their presents. We did not buy anything but brought something that we found in the deepness of our cupboards.
Ann, Susan and Javhlan's daughter Tara. Susan was the first to choose her present.

Arabella with her little candle holder

I had a candle in the shape of a flower.

Irene is unwrapping her present.

Cinzia with her picture

Sally had a plate in light pink

Therese has also a candle holder.

Javhlan's daughters watched closely what Mummy was going to have. There were Champagne glasses with a Christmas decor, very nice!

Ann had a small wallet for jewelry or make up utensils or......

At the end there was one parcel left. (Javhlan with Maya, Garen, Ann and Susan.) It was the present for Arabella. We had all made one block for her.

It was also Arabella's last time that she could be with us. She is moving in two weeks to Spain. We wish to her all the BEST. It is sad to loose her in our group.

This is the first photo in public of Javhlan's Secret. Arabella, Irene and I stayed after the Christmas Party to help her a little bit to sew the binding. The project is awesome. She worked on this for about two years and kept it secret in all this time.

We are waiting to see it hanging on the wall in Javhlan's living room!

Text by Ursula
photos by Irene

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  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

    Good luck Arabela!!!! my block is on it's way to you.... I thought it would arrive on time, I'm sorry.



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