Friday, October 1, 2010

Working on UFO

Last day of September had 6 ladiesturned up to work on their UFO and they had a cheesecake made by my family members. DH was holding a bowl while my DD1 was crushing biscuits for the base of the cheesecake. My DH baked it because I had to run away to my Portuguese class on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday morning Therese was smiling a lot and she looked glamorous! Look at her hair! Don't you think she is a glamorous woman! I had to take her photo because every time I looked at her she was the happiest women in this world! However, she worked had on her paper piercing work too. I forgotten to take her work because of her look. Sorry ladies.

One more project had been finished with Cathy. She was proudly showing her patchwork bag. Bette kept working on her bag all day that day.

Maureen after have been for a long time upsent joined us on Thursday. It was a very nice to see her and rejoining the group. She had been busy all this time, here her work - Ocean Waves!

This is Ann's work - Spiral quilt. She had to unpick them all and restart again. She is doing great job!

This is my long lasting project and I finally managed to put hooks and it is sort of ready to be hanged on a wall but still needs a label.

Photos by Irene and Javhlan, text Javhlan

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  1. Tus trabajos son preciosos, te felicito por ellos.
    ¡son espectaculares!



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