Monday, November 8, 2010

Stitching with ABBA

My ladies for two weeks had been stitching while listening to ABBA, Tina Turner and the music from opera Carmen. While listening to music some of them finished their projects, or brought them into next level or got some new ideas.

Cathy and Bette in their last day of the quilting in Portugal. They now left Portugal like birds fly for warmer climate and they will be back next summer. They started their spiral quilt together and were making good progress. Probably, next summer we might see the finished project.

Bette, Therese, Cathy and Regina
Regina was great with her work and now she is still thinking which way to go. She came to quilting for two weeks in a row. Hopefully, she would come more often.

Ann was shopping in Holland for her spiral quilt. Last week she finished all circles and was ready to join them together. She bought this fabric with a map to make back of her spiral quilt. I would say this is false map because there is no Asia, Australia and some parts of Europe is missing. If you look carefully you will find Portugal.

I like Ann's choice of fabrics. Look at these fabrics, so beautiful to have: flowers, cupcakes, teapots and matroushkas. Nowadays, Russian doll - Matrouska is a very popular design for everything.

This is Therese's spiral quilt, which will be kept with her. As we know that she is always giving away her quilts to her numerous relatives, who live all over the world.

She finished her Chritsmas tree paper piercing too. Well done! You will have it this Christmas on you wall.

Ann, Therese and Irene worked hard last Thursday. Irene kept making her houses. If you can notice my Lone Star quilt is hanging from the table. I binded and its ready.
If you are interested in learning how to make this Star, I will give a workshop on 2 December. Contact me at


  1. Brilliant pictures, lovely ladies and fabulous quilts... perfect... wish I was there with you all.... I agree that Regina should go EVERY week!.. I'm very happy to see you all being so productive xxx

  2. Wish I could play! Love the lone star topper!

  3. Your stitching is so precious! I love it. I also love that you listen to the same music I do while crafting! I love disco, keeps the hands moving quickly! Great post!



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