Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pillow case, box, bag and notebook cover and more surprise!

Thursday morning started to showing our work to each other. Cinzia made a pillow cake using fabric folding technique. She even did free motion quilting too.

Many ladies after Helen's charm bag workshop made three or more bags for their mothers, sisters, daughters or cousins. Ann made another patchwork charm bag using her Australian fabric. I think, this is her third bag.

Ann finished her box too. Around rim of the box she used fancy cord and button.

Some weeks ago Ursula taught to ladies how to make a sewing kit from Japanese Country Quilt book. After making for herself a sewing kit and teaching others she decided to make a wall hanging for her rulers and cutting mats. This was a very big surprise! Her free motion quilting was wonderful. It was a very good idea to make a very special wall hanging for your special tools.

Thursday morning Helen taught ladies how to make a notebook cover. Ann, Ursula and Cinzia followed her instructions to make covers. Ann used a very pink fabric and pink ribbon to make a cover. To close it she used button.

Cinzia decided to use pale blue fabric for her notebook. Her notebook will be buckled.

Ursula's choice was black and white fabrics . At the end of the day she send me an email with finished notebook covers. I will show you next time finished project.

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  1. Great post Jackie, I love to see what you are all making.
    Ursula, you worked through the whole book with one quilt! excellent idea.
    Ann, is THE quilt finished and on the bed yet?
    Where's Regina and Therese?



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