Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My sewing essentials box

As we know that we have to look after our tools properly. Mine was kept in several plastic boxes and every time when I need I have to look for them.

Finally, I decided to do treat myself and my tools. I shopped at designated sewing shops but I did not see many varieties.

My husband suggested that I have to look at sports shops for fishermen's boxes, where they keep their hooks and other equipment. I went to Decathlon and Sports Zone not many choices too. I did not like what they offered.

I thought I would go to Leroy Merlin, hardware store and my luck was there. You have seen these boxes at hairdressers. Of course, my younger daughter, who should be at creche but staying with mummy, loved too. When my older daughter saw it and she said that "Mummy bought a box to put her nailpolishes"

It was the perfect choice for me choosing a Dexter aluminum case. I put everything there what I do need for my craft. Now I can just take everything with me. I am ready crafting for a long time but only after my younger daughter gets better and goes to creche to enjoy herself and mummy.

Photo and text Javhlan

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