Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starting Again to Making My Bags

Last year I started making bags again. I do like to sew them and I intend to sell them too but without much success. Because many of them go to my friends as presents for which I am happy.

I do get ideas from my or friends bags and most importantly internet is my main source. I do like Lis Lam's site . She shares her passion of making bags with everyone. Recently, her passion became the book called The Bag Making Bible and now on sale in amazon. If you like making bags and look at her site and you will find many ideas for your unique bag.

My bags modeled by my 16 months-old daughter. I guess we all women whatever ages are we do love bags. The purple bag's fabric was present for me from Angela, who left Portugal many months ago and runs her quilt classes in the UK. The pattern was from Lis's site but I modified a little bit because of the handle.

I gave this bag recently to my friend as a birthday present. Hopefully, summer will arrive soon and she will enjoy her bag. I really enjoyed making this bag and as you can see my daughter loves too.

I think, this is Lis's pattern too. I made sometime ago and forgotten. My daughter is trying to take it away to be posed with it. I used my Pfaff's fancy stitches to make a little impact.

Photos and text by Javhlan

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  1. Your daughter makes a lovely model. And I love the bags. Now the girls are at school, you will have to get back into making bags. Bjs Helen



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