Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quilt Camp News

Last Friday and Saturday we had Quilt Camp. Many of us just made Christmas projects; bells, table centrepieces and wall hangings. Cathy, Bette and Regina are still working on their Christmas Bells. Below is one of Helen's bells - as you can see options are endless.

During the camp, Bette sewed and stuffed her Christmas Bells - even if she had to go back to buy a wider, thicker ribbon.

Cathy cut her middle sized bells incorrectly and had to make replacements. But by Saturday she was happy with them.

Therese has been working really hard with her centrepiece and now she is half way through. There are three more Christmas trees to be sewn and she will have it on her table at Christmas.

It was very nice to see Amalia and Sofia, our Portuguese friends. I had a chance to practice my Portuguese with them. I managed to make them understand my broken Portuguese, with some help from Sofia and Ann. I am really hoping to see them more often. Amalia is our TV star because she has been on TV talking about patchwork in Portugal and showing her work.

I did not take Sofia's photo here but I took a photo of her pink pig pin cushion. Isn't she cute?

On Saturday I made my Christmas tree skirt. I bought half a metre of 5 different fabrics, cut them in strips and sewed them together. I should have cut triangles using a 60 degree triangle ruler, but even though I did not have the ruler I made a template. At the end of the Quilt Camp I had my seven hexagons ready, and now it is time to sandwich and quilt. How? I have time to think until next Quilt Camp, which will be on 20 and 21 November.

When I finished my paper pierced Christmas tree wall hanging last week, I thought I was the last person to finish that project, but I was wrong - on Saturday Sofia only finished making her 10 baubles. I like her choice of colours!

Amalia and I were competing in unpicking seams a lot that day. But both of us finished what we were making.
Amalia's friend Rita did the embroidery.

This is Ann's Christmas table centrepiece with two trees made. She decided to have trees made of two different greens. Keep going Ann!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Quilt Camp and helped me do my work and practice Portuguese.

By Javhlan

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