Friday, October 9, 2009

Ann's very big bed-spread!!

On Thursday Ann invited three quilting friends to a "sandwich-meeting". She finished the huge quilt top, a beautiful Doube Irish Chain a while ago. Also the back was ready to be put into a sandwich.
This quilt is to cover her bed! The fabrics were carefully chosen to match the bedroom and curtains. Ann has been working on this for more than 1,5 years now. It will be a master piece when it is ready to be used!

Here are Ann, Ursula and Susan after the pinning work was mostly done.

The quilt and Susan. This photo gives more the impression of the size of the quilt. We had to move the furniture in the basement to have enough space.
It was good that we only ran out of pins, when most of the quilt was basted. Then we used Ann's handy little tool, the basting gun. But this could be only used along the edges. I wonder how one can work on a big quilt with this?

It is wonderful to be together with quilter friends and have good times together, after a tiring work is done!
Now we all wait, how Ann is getting along with the quilting! This will still be a hard work!
I will keep you informed about the progress.

by Ursula

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  1. Hi, am I wrong, or is this the quilt that has the silk pink silk in it? I always did wonder if the fabric was enough. Hugs, Paula



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