Friday, October 2, 2009

Painting on fabric

This week, Arabela had agreed to show us how to paint on fabric. Before we started, there was our usual show of our work. Three of us, Arabela, Anne-Marie and I posed for a group photo; coincidentally, we have all been making bags.
Arabela's bag was quilted and I love the colours. Very cheerful!

Anne-Marie's bag was quilted too but had embroidery in the middle. Pink ballet shoes! Very girly - very pink!

Anne-Marie made an applique with Arabela's help. It was big, almost 50 cm high. She has to make a decision what to do with it.

Ursula almost finished her project on which she has been working during summer. She printed paintings on the fabric interspersed with lots of suns. My daughter was counting how many suns on Ursula's quilt.

For the back of the quilt she did not have enough fabric to finish and used different ones. Still the back of the quilt looks wonderful. This quilt will be a present for a very lucky person!

After seeing our projects, Arabela showed us how to use fabric paint. You put a piece of white fabric on freezer paper and use a stencil to make a painting. Here, Arabela is stenciling an orange car on fabric and my daughter is looking carefully.

After stenciling you can outline the edges of the drawing with brush or outliner. Let it dry and iron from the back. Now you will have endless possibilities to make the painted fabric into small or big quilts, cards or something else. It is up to you what will be your eye catching product. Here is the orange car:

Students are at the painting class.

Therese was concentrating hard.

Irene used a Japanese doll stencil, probably my influence because I love Japanese craft.

We welcomed Lisbeth, a new member who came on Thursday morning. I forgot to take her photo as I was also looking after my two children - sorry Lisbeth! Anyway, she was very busy with sorting the pieces for her five year old quilt. She put everything in one big box and I am sure soon she will be back on track and will be stitching happily to finish it.

I do not yet have a five year old project because I have been quilting only for three years. But I have been making one quilt for two years - I am hoping to finish soon. Fingers crossed! I had a friend from Korea, Luisa, who finally finished her ten year old quilt. Do you have an unfinished project? How long have you been working on it? Let me know!

By Javhlan Byamba

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  1. How wonderful to be part of a fun & creative group like this!!! I am self taught in everything & sometimes would love to have a group to go to for advice or feedback.
    Konnichiwa from over here - the land of your favourite type of craft! I live in Tokyo - the land of beautiful fabrics & fabulous craft books :) .



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