Thursday, October 15, 2009

Preparing for Christmas!

Today we talked about Christmas. It is still October but it is better to start now as you never know for which Christmas this year's project will be finished!

To start with, Therese showed us her gigantic Christmas tree. It is not the usual natural pine tree, or imitation plastic tree with lights - it is a quilt. Of course, it will be decorated by patchwork. When finished, it will go to Oman as a present.

Helen kindly offered to teach to the quilt group how to make her Christmas bells and Christmas tree table centrepiece. She brought a finished table centrepiece and bells to show us.

I was thrilled by her bag and could not take my eyes off it. I did not have any intention to steal what was inside, I just wanted to see how she made her bag. One day I will make this bag because I am a bag addict - like every woman in this world, surely!

Therese was working very fast this morning, and before lunch she had already finished one out of the six paper pierced Christmas trees needed for the table centrepiece. I can easily guess that by now she has already finished the table centrepiece and it is just left to be sandwiched and quilted!

Recently, Ursula has been doing many paper pierced quilts, and this time she just wanted to make the Christmas bells. She laid out the fabric in front of her before she started.

Thirty years ago Ann bought some fabric to make a dress but today she was cutting it to make the table centrepiece. Helen was helping her to arrange the fabric and you can see the result - wonderful!

Regina decided to make only bells. All morning she sat quietly making her nine bells in three different sizes - but occasionally contributing funny jokes! When she left her nine bells were ready to be sewn.

Cathy and Bette worked very hard this morning making their bells. The fabric on the left is Cathy's, on the right is Bette's.

Sally decided to make both the Christmas table centrepiece and bells. She is the fastest quilter in our group and she was already stitching her centrepiece on her Bernina before everyone else.

Here is Irene cutting her fabric to make bells. Thank you Irene for the photos. She is my back up photo journalist. When I am not there I can rely on her to take some photos of every quilt group for the blog.

Merry Christmas! Oops, sorry, not yet! Happy stitching and soon I hope to publish some photos of the table centrepieces and bells on the blog.

By Javhlan

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  1. Great post Jackie, I love to see what you are up to. Last year, if you remember, we started Chritmas projects in July,,,, you're late!he he he.



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