Thursday, February 9, 2012

Made hearts and a dog

Today Ursula brought her last week's creation. She made a 3D quilt. It is still in process but already looking great. It was nice opening of the morning. Sorry about the photo. Last week my DD2 dropped the camera and broke and now I am taking photos with my phone but when I download to the blog it looks like this. Still has not digged my phone to solve the problem. Just carefully turn your laptop or ipad left and you will see nice image :) Do not repeat this with your PC :) Good neck exercise!

Therese came today after long time being absent with her new preoject. She is making for her friend a bag like Regina. We do have many friends to make bags. Nice!

These are Ann and Therese's heart purses. Ann already knows what to do with her's. She will put her earphones with she goes to gym. I think, it is a very handy.

This is a my little doggy that I made for my two girls. We do have real one but he is not available for lifting or carrying around. He is 35 kg and this one has a palm size.


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