Thursday, February 2, 2012

Australian lines

Last Thursday and today Ann worked hard, making a bath cover. Today she joined all pieces and ready to sandwich it.

These are Ann's Australian bought ready cut jellies. Lovely colours and all Australian symbols in these fabrics. I asked Ann if she goes back to Asutralia to bring me one, please! I might make bath covers too :)

Today Ursula gave lift to Regina. Thank you Ursula and she hand quilted her little quilt. This little bag was quilted with scraps of fabric. A very useful and easy work to finish in an hour, if someone is looking for something quick and easy.

Regina is making a patchwork bag for her friend. All little pieces hand sewn. As you look a photo carefully, you will find a little plactic tea cup. This is because my younger daughter was serving my ladies with cup of teas. This week was my DD2's turn to stay at home. She happily played with her toys and went to have her nap. When she woke up asked about ladies and to serve them tea again. She was a bit sad after learning that they went home.

I took this photo at the end of our today's meeting. Lovely work Ann and thank you ladies for coming and having tea with my daughter.


  1. Oh how lovely to finally have news of the ladies quilting again, thank you Jackie!!

  2. Hello Angie,
    After long months of emptiness on our blogs, ladies started coming and we are stitching until guests start arriving...




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