Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quiet March

Our patchwork group members already started receiving their annual guests and we have been little occupied with quilting or sewing. It has been very warm year and people from Northen Europe already booking their friends and family for B&B or better t say for lunch, dinner and sightseeing in Portugal.

I had two false alarms about visiters too. None of them turned up, although one arrived and changed her mind after seeing my dog and went to stay in a hotel in Lisbon. I spent two hours cleaning and preparing bedroom but it is now clean.

Last Thursday Ann came with her Australian quilt and we sandwiched them together. We little discussed about how to quilt. It will be an amazing quilt and her memories about Australia.

I bought Asian style fabric from patch-mania and started making table mats. I cut ten little mats, sandwiched them and now I am trying to quilt. So far I have done three mats and seven to go.

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