Thursday, June 4, 2009

Inauguration of the Quilt Bar

Ten quilter ladies followed Jackie's (Javhlan) invitation to launch the new meeting point in Caxias. It was a beautiful summer day and the mood in the new Quilt Bar (Quilt Cabin, Quilt Hive, Patchwork Patio) was very good.We all found a place to sit and raise a small glass of sparkling wine (oooooops ..... from Germany........) to the good success and great start in this lovely Portuguese garden and environment. We talked a little bit about the name of the new place. And we will decide later.

For the first class, our teacher Garen showed us eight to ten years old children's drawing and how she quilted on them.
Then, like children in the kindergarten, students followed Garen's instruction to draw as she gave a lesson on how to make a small quilt from a painting.It is a pity that my kids are already too big for this, but Jackie's and Arabella's children still have all the chances!

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  1. Oh I am sure your kids are not too big for this Ursula, I am my mothers daughter, 45 years old and I loved doing it! he he he... when it's finished I will give it to my Mummy!... Angel



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