Sunday, May 18, 2014

Inspiring two days

Last Friday and Saturday were the most productive quilting days for this year. 

Vicki came for 6 weeks holiday to Portugal from a snowy Indiana.  She has been traveling around Portugal but still managed to sew paper pierced stars for the September workshop to teach.  These stars are her 6 weeks holiday work in Portugal.

Therese came with her newly and quickly made quilt. She has a tradition to give her quilts away.  During 2 days of quilting she was making a quilts for others.
Ann, Therese and I practiced free motion quilting with Vicki.  Her tips and tricks helped us a lot.  Yes, we still need practice free motion quite often as possible.

Ann worked on her spiral quilt. Sorry, it seems that I was too excited that working on my long lasting project that I have forgotten to take photos.

This is a very important news from Vicki to any quilter or crafter.  If you can find this pen it could be your friend forever.  It disappears with heat.  Go to any Staples shops or Amazon. You will be forever happy.  So far I have not checked yet in Portugal, but definitely, will try to go to Staples to look for. You can get as many colours as you wish.

This is our tradition to have a potluck lunch during quilting camps.  My DH cooked for us Thai chicken with almonds, because his DW was busy sewing.  Yeoni, she brought Korean kimchi and tuna kimpab. Her daughter Alim loved playing with my girls.

My star has started to shine again. I had a problem because I started this project when I did not master the 1/4 seam. With Vicki's help it has been progressed a lot. It has a pink background fabric.

Next quilting will be on 30 May from 11 am to 4 pm. See you then.  Javhlan

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