Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Houston! We do not have a problem!

I think I solved my twister quilt problem. I looked at it for three nights while making a new bags and finishing others. Finally, puzzle is solved! I looked on internet for similar quilts and tried to understand their layouts too. Tomorrow morning I can start sewing. Thumbs up!

Probably, I might find a problem after looking at it with a fresh eye. Because I used two fabrics with big patterns. I should have used just one with big patterns and another with smaller patterns. Nevermind!

Here are my two new bags photo. I will give a workshop in November at Patch-Mania. I love my creations!


  1. Hi Jackie, try using the background fabric for the five centre blocks, that will make the wreath stand out whatever fabrics you choose for the other blocks... hope that helps?

  2. Love the fabrics you used. You are so talented.



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