Thursday, June 17, 2010

We made bags today

It is a very satisfactory that when you make bags. I think it is a sort of therapy for women.

Cinzia decided to use red and blue fabric with teddy bear print. She made smaller version of a bag because she had to make a present for her daughter's friend's birthday. She had red lining which makes this little bag stand out!

Ann just returned from her two weeks trip to France with bagful of fabrics. I like her husband, who says to her all the time "buy more". I wish I could train my husband saying these words.

This bag was made from her French collection. At the end of the day the bag was almost finished and only handles left to be attached. She has been making bags for her daugthers and friends. This pretty black and yellow bag is for her friend.

While I was teaching how to make a bag I tried to make my star quilt but instead I undid stithces many times. I could not do multitasking. I thought I am good but today was not multitasking day.

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