Thursday, June 24, 2010

Doris Teixeira's workshop in Caldas da Rainha

The first day at the Caldas da Rainha with Doris Teixeira's workshop was so exciting. She is a very talented woman, finding time to make gorgeous work while juggling with eight children. She started sewing when she was a child and then carried working while upbringing eight children. She said "she makes time." I do not havetime to do all my things although I have only two girls. Now I have to learn to make my time.

Here is gallery of some of her work. She loves birds or parrots in her work and her works show a great reflection of Brazilian life. From time to time I hear news about someone's paintings sold in millions. I wonder, in the future how much her work will gather collectors eyes and their money or it will appreiciated by public.

13 women gathered to learn from Doris. We divided us into two groups to make two different patterns. When I started working on my project of flowers I understood why Doris said she has to make a time. Stitching went on and on. These gave me an opportunity to experiment my Pfaff Creative 2.0 stitches. First time I used many different types of variegated threads on stitches and result was fantastic.

These days were my opportunity to practice my Portuguese. At lunch table several of us had a great conversation about how we have been making patchwork or sewing. There were very interesting ladies with their work and family they tried to make time for their hobbies.

In the evening many ladies left for home and couple of us stayed at Caldas International Hotel. It is nice hotel but there is still some room to be improved. Mário, Bernina dealer, who is organising this workshop took us to Nazare, a small see side town on the cliffs. At the town centre old women wearing seven layers of traditional skirts were selling nuts and dried fruit. Wearing many skirts it is a very local custom.

At the beach there were some shelves of fish frying in a traditional way. An old boat was waiting for it is photo opportunity.

After visiting Nazare we went to Sao Martinhos do Porto. Another seaside town with it beaches and we took more photos of the town and beach. My camera and me now are inseparable. Everytime when I leave the house I have my bulky Nikon D80n with me. Unfortunately, I am not always taking my video camera and tripod. Another weight to add to my backpack.

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