Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pinning and women's talk

Thursday was nice and sunny and already 30 degrees outside. You will read now lot of me whining about hot weather. Ursula made a bag with sunflower fabric and used her fabric flowers. They look right in place. She used simple zigzag stitches on her bag too.

Therese's Christmas tree wall hanging is quilted and ready to be posted to its owner.

Regina, Ursula, Therese and me sandwiched Therese's quilt. She bought ready cut triangles set and after Thursday it is ready to be quilted. This is the first quilt that she will have for herself. In the past she made many and they were all presents. Ursula suggested the name "Rose Garden".

After being for a long time absent from quilting Regina came with her paper-pierced Christmas tree. All eight hands were pinning this little quilt to put our signature. OK, there are only six and some of us have to take a photo.

After we sat and chatted. Actually, mainly listening Regina's life story. She was the first Portuguese woman to be a manager of the Ritz hotel in Lisbon. She speaks Spanish, English, French and of course Portuguese. She learnt English and French because in the 1960s she was not allowed to go to a university and her parents hired language teachers that she can learn languages.

She traveled a lot to the America and Europe attending tourism fairs and her favourite city is Berlin. When she was interviewed for a job and was asked whether she can type or not. Her answer was "No, but I can play a piano!"

An incredible woman. It was a pleasure to listen her story.

Photo and text Javhlan

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  1. Well Jackie....., It is lovely to see Regina back with the quilting ladies.. Congratulations on finishing that Christmas Tree quilt, but Regina never did tell us which Christmas she was making it for, did she, he he he. Love the bag Ursula, you're getting very artsy-fartsy these days Missis.... Therese, finally one for you!! I miss you ladies lots you know, love Angel



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