Friday, May 7, 2010

Flower bloom at the Quilt Bar

Spring is spreading all over Portugal. Flowers blooming everywhere and many people are going to garden centres to brighten up their gardens with spring flowers.

Quilt Bar was blooming with fabric flowers too. On Thursday, Ann, Cinzia, Irene, and another Irene (Ann's friend) and Ursula came to make with me fabric flowers.

This is Cinzia'a flowers. She made only two flowers because she had to run home.

Ann made her flowers from her Liberty fabric which had been in her wardrobe for more than twenty years. Fabrics were fantastic to make flowers.

Irene's flowers looked gorgeous! I liked her choice of fabrics.

These are our visitor Irene's flowers. She does knitting, crochet and cross-stitching a very crafty woman from Holland. At some point there were three Dutch speakers two Irene and Ann. Ann is very talented with foreign languages unlike many British. I think, she speaks French, Dutch, Portuguese and of course English.

Ursula made three flowers with her hand dyed fabric.

Without these plate full of buttons we would not have completed out flowers. These buttons Ann bought in Australia and she offered us to use for our flowers. Bisciuts and coffee or tea cannot be separated from craft as you can see in the photo.

Ursula and Irene were concentrated on making wonderful flowers.

Ann, Irene and Cinzia were working hard to learn everything.

Text and photos Javhlan

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