Friday, September 4, 2009

Holidays over!

For some of us summer holidays have finished and we met at the Quilt Bar on 3 September. Arabella and I have not sorted out ourselves with work but we helped Irene cut her jeans circles. She is now preparing to make a new quilt and her sister gave her lots of nice fabric when Irene visited her in Holland. Irene came with bagful of work.
When Garen left Malaysia in 2002 her quilting buddies gave her blocks to remember them and on Thursday, I think Garen finished this long lasting memory project. This is Garen's Halloween quilt/applique. I liked Ursula's different sun quilts. They were drawn on freezer paper and and she sew straight on the fabric.

By Javhlan

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  1. What a great idea - to sew your memories into a quilt!! No fumbling through boxes to find the right photos to revisit those places in one's thoughts.



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