Friday, July 24, 2009

Ursula's summer project

This one work that I am doing in the summer: I am playing with paintings. This quilt is going to be for a cousin of my husband. She is a retired teacher of art, and the paintings were made by her students. I asked her for to send some of her favourite paintings to me by e-mail. (She has no idea that now I am playing with this.) I printed them on fabric and now they make good centers like this for my quilt. Of course that I have to add a lot of boarders and other kind of blocks to make the quilt big enough. Right now I have not a clear idea where exactly I am going. But I love this project. You can see clearly that these small blocks are quilted already. It was difficult to decide about the quilting, as I wanted the centers to be stabilized, without making too much confusion to the lines of the paintings. So I decided for the circles, that - thanks to Paula's class - came out quite well. Now it will go on as a "quilt-as-you-go". Let me see, where I am going. Hopefully that soon I can show you more about this!! ;-)

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