Thursday, July 9, 2009

Making Angels

I have to be quick to put news on this blog otherwise Angela in England will be putting Portuguese quilting news on her blog. Anyway, yesterday on 9 July, Irene, Therese, Ursula and I met at the Quilt Bar to discuss our latest quilting news. My sister Temuulen joined us at the Quilt Bar to make a wall hanging. She is a handy girl too because of her big sister. She lives in Italy and is staying with us for a month with her five month-old son and her husband. Look at the two excited customers waiting for their new teddies!
Therese has finished her "wonky" quilt on her brand new Bernina Aurora. This quilt is a present for one of her hundreds of cousins.
Ursula's work (and cake) are waiting for her next to her personalised Bernina bag.
Ursula was giving valuable advice to Therese about her new sewing machine. Therese was trying to learn every possible function that the machine can offer. Ursula finally started making angels. After putting my daughter on her pram I managed to stuff my patchwork teddy.
Irene brought me a magazine with lots of patchwork snail, rabbit, owl, and teddy patterns. I have to try to sew the teddy, it was so cute. At the end Ursula, Irene, and Therese were all making angels. Here is Irene starting her new project, tracing her angel.

By Javhlan Byamba

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