Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angel, the Quilter

In August 2004 Angela Whiston arrived in Portugal from Mexico. She settled in Cascais, and joined International Women in Portugal (IWP).

IWP run many activities for women such as arraiolos (Portuguese carpet making), craft, tennis, walks, golf, cooking, games and card games, book club, writing, wine time, baby and language groups.

For Angela, or Mrs Snippet (the name given by her husband), who had been making quilts for more than 10 years, one thing was missing. She started teaching quilting to ladies in a craft group. Not long after this, quilting became so popular that Angela started a quilt group at her home. Her "Quilt Cave" and her blog was open to everyone who wanted to learn quilting in Portugal.

The group had beginners and experienced quilters from Germany, Indonesia, Jordan, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, the UK, and of course, the USA. Angela taught all she knew about traditional, hand, paper and strip piercing methods of quilting to ladies who joined the group.

Angela taught quilting to many Portuguese at Arco Iris a Metro shop. Some years ago Arco Iris a Metro was the only shop in the greater Lisbon area to sell fabrics and tools for patchwork and quilt. At that time the most customers were the IWP's quilt group members. Angela also organised two very successful exhibitions of quilts made by her and her fellow quilters.

It could be said that Angela seeded a passion for quilting here. In the last few years, not only have more Portuguese women started quilting as a hobby but at least three more quilt shops have opened in the area.

Now, after living in sunny in summer and rainy in winter Portugal, but mostly sunny, for five years, Angela is heading back to home, rainy in summer and rainy in winter the United Kingdom, to live there for the first time in more than a decade. She would not complain for weather because she will be making her colourful quilts!

Many of us call her- an Angel! Adeus Menina! Ate logo!

Posted by Javhlan Byamba-Hughes
A Quilt Cave block made by Arabella Sabangeanu
An Angel block made by Ursula Ritter

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  1. Well, this makes me sound just wonderful...
    I'm returning to the Uk after 15 years overseas. When I left the UK my kids wer 4 & 5 and I didn't know much about quilting...time has flown by, my kids are adults and I am a quilting angel!!! he he he
    You quilting ladies are lovely, thank you. It has been wonderful.



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