Thursday, September 16, 2010

We are back!

Our summer guests are back and now we can resume our normal weekly meetings. We met on Thursday first time after long break. Everybody has been busy except me during this period. Despite having guests, picking them up and taking them back to the airport, cooking, entertaining and washing, my ladies managed to have time for themselves and made baby, monthly and spiral quilts.

I have to give first words to Irene. She has been working tremendously on her quilt and made fantastic one.

We all women loved Irene's these tiny stitches and they are so true for us!

This is her key holder. It is again her own work.

Susan is a proud grandma! She is now making quilt for her second grandchild. You have guessed who is on the way from this quilt.
Ann worked for a year and half on her Irish chain king size quilt. On Thursday she brought to show us her biggest work. It was huge!
My last words to Ursula and Therese. They made their spiral quilts. Ursula's was double and it looks fabulous! Thanks Ursula helping me to finish mine.
Special words to Therese. She is next to her spiral quilt.

At the end of the meeting we sandwiched her spiral quilt. Her black background with lots of different coloured dots makes colours pop up.


  1. Oh my! Your spiral quilts look wonderful!!

    It is so good to see that you are getting them done. Please post more pictures as you get them done. I'm also anxious to see what you make out of the paper pieced stars.

    I miss you all sooooooo much. I wish I hadn't needed to come back to Indiana.


  2. Wow!
    The quilts are amazing! Just stunning!
    Wish I could have played too.



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