Saturday, July 3, 2010

Embroidered bag

Last couple of days I have been in front of my sewing machine a lot using its full capacity. In couple of weeks I am going to Mongolia to visit my family. There I will meet my mother, two sisters and a brother and their families and children - altogether 17. First time cousins will meet each other. However, for this visit I made for my mum a bag using my machine embroidery attachment. I embroidered two sides of this bag.

On the other side of the bag I embroidered my mum's initial letter. When you use any metal frame you have to just make your own design and glue.

A big thank you to Alda, who is a very experienced Bernina embroidery machine user. Her tips and experience helped me to finish this bag and use my machine's full capacity.
I made this lovely red bag using Uhandbag's pattern. Some years ago I bought the fabric in France with Japanese crane origami. So far it is for sale, if you are interested in contact me at patchworkpt[at]

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